An ease of conveying important messages
  • Teachers and schools can post important announcements
  • Students/parents can access them anytime, anywhere.
  • Forget the clumsy paper notes, SMS, instant messaging or emailing for updates


Assign or submit homework instantly
  • Teachers can assign homework or projects to students through 'Touch'
  • Students can submit their work through the app
  • Teachers can evaluate easily and even provide feedback instantly


Sort of social media, but safe and secure
  • A safe and secure way of live interaction from teachers to students and parents
  • Users can also activity wise filter the stream of posts
  • Teachers can post the photos of classroom proceedings and blackboard activities
  • Teachers can post the photos of classroom proceedings and blackboard activities


Make education truly interactive
  • Makes education interactive
  • Teachers can create various types of quiz.
  • Students can respond to it through the app.
  • Students and parents can check the results too.


Track all important dates
  • Students, parents can track of all the important dates easily
  • Exams, assignment tasks, and holidays at finger tip
  • Keep tabs on the tasks and plan ahead!

Time Table

Always accessible Time Tables
  • School can set the time table through app
  • It is accessible to teachers, students and parents


Ask for instant opinions
  • Now it is easier to involve students, parents in the decision making
  • Plan for a vacation or extra activities and ask for opinions
  • Conduct a poll and get responses for collective decisions


Take and record attendance digitally
  • Useful in the classroom
  • Teachers can take attendance through the app
  • Teachers can share the reports instantly with the parents